December 3rd, 2008

Time to Spin

This is an introductory post really, I have been a spinner/knitter for a long, long time, but over the last few years have been unable to do much due to work/study commitments.  It is a self-discipine thing, you see. If I start, I can't stop and if I have a paper to write, just how easy is procrastination when some fabulous fibre and a sultry wheel beckon?

So, after a very busy few months (years?) and a suddenly empty house, I felt the need for the comfort of fibre and have been spending several hours every evening happily getting some socks on my DPNs, going through my fibre stash, restocking said fibre stash and oiling up the wheels (one Timbertops Leicester and one Ashford Joy).

I plan to take some photos to post here over the next few days, when I can get some good light .

Meantime, I am enjoying looking around LiveJournal and reading everyone else's posts and photos.

Happy Fibreness
Spundun x