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The Software - Fibres I have Loved

Well, before I bore you all with the list of fibres I have tried over the years, I thought I would add to my vast list of hardware used on yesterday's post.  I forgot to mention that before I learned how to spin, I was an avid machine knitter and at one point had 3 machines that I used a lot.  It was the high cost of quality yarns that drew me to spinning and spinning that pulled me back to handknitting again.  I also at one point had two looms (once the KMs had gone), a 4-shaft table loom and then a 4-shaft 36" Leclerc floor loom.  Most of these larer items were sold when we down-sized to a very small cottage.


Anyhoo, back to the software. I began with a jacob fleece, I remember it well - it was huge!  My next fleece was a Manx Loghtan which was a challenge to spin, but a lovely ginger colour.  With the variety of natural colours I had, I made a fair isle sweater, which I no longer have.  I also made socks and gloves with the natural coloured fleeces. I thought that was as far as I was going to go with colour, but I then learned how to dye with natural plants and soon colour appeared in my knitting.  I still have many of these natural coloured yarns still in their skeins as they are so pleasing (and I have fond memories of the workshops or backgarden experiments) and look great in baskets.

Moving up to Scotland, it is hard to resist the lovely natural coloured Shetland fleeces and these are currently my favourite to spin.  As my time is now limited, I also buy roving and enjoy experimenting with acid dyes.

At the top of my stash to spin at the moment is some wensleydale, space dyed by me:

some falkland and silk cap dyed by me:

as well as some undyed merino/silk carded fibre (no pic as it is just white and fluffy!).




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