The Software - Fibres I have Loved

Well, before I bore you all with the list of fibres I have tried over the years, I thought I would add to my vast list of hardware used on yesterday's post.  I forgot to mention that before I learned how to spin, I was an avid machine knitter and at one point had 3 machines that I used a lot.  It was the high cost of quality yarns that drew me to spinning and spinning that pulled me back to handknitting again.  I also at one point had two looms (once the KMs had gone), a 4-shaft table loom and then a 4-shaft 36" Leclerc floor loom.  Most of these larer items were sold when we down-sized to a very small cottage.


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The Hardware - My Wheel Babies

I first learnt how to spin on an Ashford Traveller which I bought second-hand from a lady  in Oxford.  I spun many yarns on that wheel, but I hankered after something with a more stable base. 

Then one day I saw an advert for a used Timbertops Leicester, of course I went to have a look and it was love at first sight.  I have had this wheel for about 12 years now and it is so versatile.  It is double drive, single treadle (I prefer single treadle) and has a range of whorls so the ratio is great to spin thick yarn to very fine yarn.  The wood is a lovely warm oak and it gets an annual linseed oil soak and polish which keeps the wood glowing.

I sold the Traveller, thinking I could manage taking the Leicester to and from meetings and fairs, but when the Ashford Kiwi first came out, I thought it would be great for teaching new spinners and also would be useful for demonstrating.  I also got the jumbo flier and the fine flyer, so it was a very useful little workhorse.  Unfortunately it was my first double treadle wheel and it was very uncomfortable for me to use - I have a temperamental back and the posture just didn't work for me, so I sold it on.

That left me without a wheel that I could carry around with me so I was most delighted when Ashford made their Joy wheel.  I bought one (of course) and now use that for basic spinning and for carrying around.

I also owned a proper Indian box charkha which came from India and loved to spin cotton on it.  Unfortunately my ex husband sold it and I am seriously thinking of buying a new one.

I made my own niddy-noddy out of dowling and a stair bannister rail when I first learnt to spin and used that for many years.  That broke during a house move, so I need to get a new one of those as well.

Well, apart from dye pots and carders, I think that is a round up of the hardware I have used over the years, the next post will be about the software, the lovely fibres that have passed through my hands and are planned to pass through them again.

Oh, it is lovely to be spinning again!

Time to Spin

This is an introductory post really, I have been a spinner/knitter for a long, long time, but over the last few years have been unable to do much due to work/study commitments.  It is a self-discipine thing, you see. If I start, I can't stop and if I have a paper to write, just how easy is procrastination when some fabulous fibre and a sultry wheel beckon?

So, after a very busy few months (years?) and a suddenly empty house, I felt the need for the comfort of fibre and have been spending several hours every evening happily getting some socks on my DPNs, going through my fibre stash, restocking said fibre stash and oiling up the wheels (one Timbertops Leicester and one Ashford Joy).

I plan to take some photos to post here over the next few days, when I can get some good light .

Meantime, I am enjoying looking around LiveJournal and reading everyone else's posts and photos.

Happy Fibreness
Spundun x